Hope Into Action

Hope into Action: Southampton is a Christian housing charity set up to help break the cycle of housing poverty in the city. We enable churches to provide homes for the homeless, with a core mission to #makehomelessnesshistory. We provide temporary supported accommodation for homeless people, ex-offenders, those struggling with substance misuse, refugees, asylum seekers and more.

We are different because unlike other housing charities we offer a multi-disciplinary approach to the problem of housing poverty.

Paid Empowerment Workers keep the tenants focused on maintaining their tenancy, building positive networks of support around them, accessing public funds and maintaining employment, where this applies.

Friends with a purpose (trained volunteers) from partner churches come close enough to journey with the tenant, bringing a strong sense of family to those on the fringes of society.

Investors put their money to something that provides more than a financial return. A social and spiritual return that actually changes lives.

We set affordable rent levels that do not trap tenants into benefits and not being able to work, instead we raise funds through grants and inviting people to give and join our work for any shortfall not covered through rental income. We aim to break the cycle of homelessness by providing a platform for lasting change – genuine loving, supportive community.