We have links with many projects overseas and we are committed to sending teams out to lend support on the ground, as well as fundraising for partner organisations working with the vulnerable and marginalised. Short-term teams regularly go out to Thailand and India. We also have links with Macedonia. Sending teams overseas and fundraising for the development of the work in other nations is a regular feature of the life of City Life.

Who To Contact

Dan Pooley

Dan loves seeing the church active and engaged with society; building positive, supportive community that is inclusive and transformational; restoring hope, dignity and purpose to people; bringing lasting change through collaborative, creative solutions; and seeing healing and the miraculous power of God’s love at work. Dan has a heart for India and regularly takes a team there working with several projects and churches in a variety of locations. He's also a big fan of coffee and enjoy food, a good wine and a single malt. Dan lives locally with his wife, Mel, and their two children, Bethea and Joha.

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