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Every day not every Sunday

Our commitment to empower others across Southampton and beyond

The Street is where City Life provides practical support and care in Southampton and overseas to those who don't necessarily have a church connection. This is mainly through projects and building community in a variety of ways.


CLEAR (City Life Education and Action for Refugees) is a city-centre-based project helping refugees with advice, free English classes, and practical support with things such as immigration, benefits, housing, or getting a job.


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Amber is a chaplaincy service promoting women's health and wellbeing. Chaplains offer a listening ear and prayer to those working in massage parlours and strip clubs, and to women selling sex on the street.


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Chaplaincy in Schools

City Life provides chaplaincy support to staff at Bassett Green Primary School and helps develop community work alongside the Oasis hubs in the east and west of the city.

Chaplaincy at the Rose Road Association

City Life provides chaplaincy support to the Rose Road Association. This charity provides services for over 300 children and young adults with  physical disabilities, learning difficulties, and/or autism.


City of Sanctuary

Southampton is a designated City of Sanctuary offering welcome to those who have come from overseas for education or work purposes, or in order to find refuge.

City Life Church has three Welcome projects helping people who are new to the country, offering advice and opportunities to make connections.

Hong Kong (HK) Welcome

HK Welcome is a community with the aim of welcoming new residents from Hong Kong.

City life partners with HongKongers in Britain, Citizens Advice Southampton, UKHK, and Welcome Churches to make this welcome as warm and helpful as possible.


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SO Welcome

City Life has set up a Community Sponsorship home in Southampton. This is part of a national refugee resettlement programme and enables our church to welcome a refugee family into our local area and support them as they rebuild their lives here in the UK.  City Life has partnered with Southampton City Council, Caritas and ResetUK.

EU Welcome

EU Welcome provides help and support to migrants in the Southampton area from the EU and other European countries.

'Our Philosophy at EU Welcome is to help our clients help themselves. We want to see EU migrants functioning as a well-integrated part of Southampton society.'

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Overseas Trips


City Life organises an annual two-week trip to Thailand, supporting the work of HANDS. HANDS charity serves communities in Northern Thailand  whose lives are deeply affected by poverty, exploitation, conflict, and disaster.


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City Life organises an annual two-week trip to India, supporting several charitable projects, working with those affected by poverty, displacement, exploitation and disease.